Member Dinner featuring Kevin Wallis

Member Dinner featuring Kevin Wallis

Throughout the year The Board Club hosts a wide variety of community gatherings and events. On any given week, The Board Club has something new happening, from art fairs to surfboard sales, member dinners, or movie nights, events at the club always have a great turnout, happy people, and an inviting energy.


While the events always have plenty of people in attendance, the most recent event seemed to grab the attention of the community, with over sixty people showing up to eat, chat, and learn more about swells and forecasting from Surfline Lead Forecaster Kevin Wallis.


The evening started just after sunset, with ice-cold beers provided by Golden Road Brewing, and a sensational dinner catered by Caliente Southwest Grille. Conversations about how bad the waves have been, quickly turned to how good the surf “actually” was, while someone even muttered the words, “you should’ve been here yesterday!”


With dinner wrapped up, it was time for the main event…

Kevin Wallis is a Lead Forecaster and has been with Surfline for over 18 years. He trained under Surfline’s late Founder Sean Collins, and has made it his passion to learn everything possible about swell forecasting. After a short introduction, the questions began to flow like a freshly cracked Wolf Pup IPA. Questions spanned from detailed thoughts on bathymetry to random inquiries regarding the strangest things we’ve seen on Surfline cameras. Wallis placed importance on the benefit of checking offshore buoys, as well as how to understand high-res wind charts. While the conversation ebbed and flowed, the crowd left with a better understanding of local forecasting and a few insider secrets. Kevin Wallis took the time to answer any and all questions, no matter how off topic they might have been, and while we may not all be expert forecasters after this event, all in attendance went home smiling and stoked to surf.


Keep an eye out for the next guest speaker event at The Board Club!

Jack Robison
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